Marine Survey Inspections

Survey Reports

For both pre-purchase surveys or insurance risk surveys, you will receive a comprehensive survey report. The report is based on our inspection on the day, including visual, structural and safety items and includes detailed photos.

We inspect the vessel afloat and in slings and report on the structural integrity and safety of the vessel for its intended use.

We inspect all fitted systems and equipment – electrical, electronic, plumbing, navigation and miscellaneous systems including onboard safety systems.

You will receive your survey report on the day of the inspection.

Pre-Purchase Survey Reports

When purchasing any new or used vessel it is essential to have a survey to protect your investment. Even new boats can have faults.

If requested, we will attend a trial in the water to test equipment under operating conditions, for pre-purchase surveys.

Insurance Risk Survey Reports

Most insurance companies require a survey (with photographs), every 5 years, to determine if a vessel is an acceptable risk. It is also current information for you, on the condition of your vessel, that you may have missed yourself.